Nov 13, 2019  
Yakima Valley College Catalog 2019-2020 
Yakima Valley College Catalog 2019-2020

Addendums 2019-2020

About the Catalog

Yakima Valley College  catalog is published annually and include academic policies, procedures, programs, courses, and faculty.  Every effort has been made to make the catalog accurate as of the date of publication; however, all policies, procedures, fees, and charges are subject to change at any time.

Updates to the Catalog

The curriculum process is governed by three curriculum committees at Yakima Valley College.  The committee considers new curriculum proposals, changes and discontinuations to the catalogs.

Purpose of this Addendum

The purpose of the addendum is to provide additional information about new programs and courses that occurred after publication of the 2019-2020 Catalog.  This addendum is being provided in order for all curriculum information to be available for advisement and program/course selection to better serve students, advisors, and the Yakima Valley College (campuses) community.  This addendum includes approved changes to programs and courses as well as changes in policies and degree requirements. All changes and additions listed here take precedence over the information contained in the 2019-2020 Yakima Valley College printed catalog. All information contained in this addendum is subject to change without notice.  Listed below are updates to the 2019-2020 Yakima Valley College Catalog.  This includes new programs and courses and changes to programs and courses.


Updated coursework for Business Technology - Bilingual Medical Office Assistant, AAS  

Updated coursework for Business Technology - Medical Office Assistant, AAS  

Updated coursework and program information for Bachelor of Applied Science IT Networking - System Administration  

Updated coursework for Pharmacy Technician Certificate  and Pharmacy Technician Studies, AAS   

Updated Natural Sciences/Math Distribution  

Added Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Certificate  


Updated Courses

Changes are still pending for courses that have not been hyperlinked.

Fall 2019

Revised BA 139  

Revised BT 105   

Revised BT 270   

Added ECED 118  

Added ECED& 138  

Added EDUC 211  

Revised VET 204  

Revised VET 205  

Revised EDUC& 115  

Revised ENGR 108  

Added GIS 220  

Added IMMA 101  

Added RT 141  

Added UMS 107  

Added UMS 142  

Revised RT 111  

Removed IT 124

Removed IT135

Removed IT141

Removed IT161

Removed IT 184

Removed IT 233

Removed IT 198

Removed IT 298

Removed IT 199

Removed IT 299

Revised BT 130  

Revised BT 170  

Added DRAMA 185  

Revised ECON 101  

Revised PSYCH 209  

Revised ABE 022  

Revised ABE 023  

Revised ABE 024  

Added ABE 081  

Revised ABE 082  

Removed HSC 082

Removed ABE 083

Added HSC 033C  

Added HSC 034C  

Added HSC 035C  

Added HSC 043C  

Added HSC 045C  

Added HSC 046C  

Revised HSC 083  

Revised ETHS 101  

Winter 2020

Revised VET 201  

Revised ECON& 201  

Revised ECON& 202  

Revised BA 260  

Revised BASED 404  

Revised BIOL& 160  

Revised ENGL 138  

Revised ENGL 212  

Revised ENGL 271  

Revised ENGL 221  

Spring 2020

Summer 2020

Revised RT 117