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Yakima Valley College Catalog 2017-2018 
Yakima Valley College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Engineering Transfer Track 2, AS-T T2

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Associate in Science - Transfer Track 2 (AS-T T2)

Note: Special advising is required for this degree. Please see your advisor for course specific information. This degree is for students who are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science (information technology), or physics (Track 2) at a four-year institution.

This degree is appropriate for a student who has a strong commitment to majoring in one of the sciences and who is ready to enter MATH& 151: Calculus I  and ENGL& 101 . Completion of this degree will prepare the transfer student for upper division study in the sciences; however, it does not guarantee admission to the major. Course sequences should be completed at one institution. For example, the physics sequence or chemistry sequence should be completed at one school.

Advising is a critical element for students pursuing the associate in science - transfer degree in order to determine exactly which courses are included in each of the categories. Students are responsible for checking specific requirements of the four-year institution. Students interested in pursuing this degree should contact the Admissions Office directly for referral to associate in science - transfer degree advisors.

Core Classes


Grade must be 2.00 or above. No Pass/Fail/S grade. (Exception: AP, CLEP, DANTES, and IB scores overall.

Humanities/Social Science

Choose fifteen credits

Must include 5 credits HM, 5 credits SS, and an additional 5 credits of either HM or SS. Three different disciplines required. Grades must average 2.00 or above. No Pass/Fail/S grades.


Grades must average 2.00 or above. No Pass/Fail/S grades.

Choose one of the following two courses 5 Credits

Physics Requirements

Grades must average 2.00 or above. No Pass/Fail/S grades.

Total Core Credits 50

Associate in Science - Transfer Track 2

To begin the two-year engineering transfer emphasis program at YVC, students should have completed the following courses or their equivalencies in high school: mathematics through precalculus, one year of chemistry, one physics course, two years of foreign language, and four years of English composition.

Students who have not completed the courses listed above should take the following necessary equivalent preparation courses before beginning the transfer program:

Engineering Major Requirements: Grades must average 2.00 or above. No Pass/Fail/S grades. Depending on the individual student needs and degree plan, there can be up to 12 credits of electives.

Required Courses

YVC’s Engineering department offers an associate in science DTA, track 2 (AS-T T2) degree which serves those students intending to complete the required coursework for the bachelor of science in engineering programs at Washington State University, University of Washington, or similar programs at other universities. This degree contains a concentration of coursework in math, physics, chemistry, and engineering.

Students attempting the AS-T T2 degree are expected to follow the curriculum outlined below which parallels the first two years of study for several engineering disciplines at four-year institutions. Upon completion of the AS-T T2, students should be able to enter with junior standing in the following programs: mechanical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, materials engineering, environmental engineering.

Total Credits 119

Bachelor of Science in Engineering at YVC & WSUTC Yakima Valley College and WSU Tri-Cities offer an exciting program for students interested in earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electrical Engineering (EE) or Civil Engineering (CE). This program would allow an engineering transfer student, upon enrollment at YVC, to receive priority registration at WSUTC. Priority registration assures ME students access to and enrollment in a bachelor’s of science engineering program. The BS degree would be awarded by WSUTC upon completion.

Students who choose this option follow the Associate of Science - DTA, Track 2 program at YVC. The second half of the program is taken at WSUTC where courses, laboratories, and research experience provide students with instruction specific to their engineering disciplines.

Students who opt for this program will receive benefits that include:

  • Joint advising with YVC and WSUTC.
  • Free transcript transfer.
  • Unique scholarship opportunities.
  • Consideration for a transfer achievement award (hundreds of dollars toward tuition at WSUTC).
  • Significant savings in overall educational costs.
  • Priority consideration for AWAR internships.

Please contact the Engineering department for more information at the phone number listed in the front of this catalog

Core Competency Codes

♦ Computation
• Communication
■ Human Relation

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