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Yakima Valley College Catalog 2017-2018 
Yakima Valley College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Nursing Program, the student will pass the National Licensing Exam (NCLEX) and be prepared for entry-level practice as a Registered Nurse.

Program Options

Associate Degree in Nursing - Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Ready Pathway (AN-DTA/MRP)

The YVC Associate in Nursing - Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Ready Pathway (AN-DTA/MRP) degree in a direct transfer degree that is six quarters in length.  In addition, students must complete all the required courses prior to program entry.  All supporting course work must be successfully complete prior to entry into the fifth quarter (NRSE 220/221) of the Nursing program.

The program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and is approved by the Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission.  Students who successfully complete the six-quarter program are eligible to take the licensure exam for Registered Nursing (RN).


The six-quarter ADN program is offered in Yakima on the YVC campus. The clinical portion of the program is offered at various healthcare agencies throughout the YVC service district.

Program Requirements

The following courses must be completed before acceptance to the Nursing program. Courses taken at other institutions and/or online must meet equivalency requirements at YVC. Any science course taken online must have a lab component with an instructor on site and supervising the lab in order to meet equivalency at YVC. Students who have taken advanced placement courses in high school must verify credit with the appropriate department at YVC.

Required Courses:

  • CHEM 109  (5 Cr) - Principles of Chemistry with Lab
  • MATH& 146  (5 Cr) - Introduction to Statistics ♦
  • BIOL& 160  (5 Cr) - General Biology (not used in GPA calculations)
  • BIOL& 241  (5 Cr) - Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIOL& 242  (5 Cr) - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIOL& 260   (5 Cr) - Microbiology
  • ENGL& 101  (5 Cr) - English Composition I •
  • ENGL 102  (5 Cr) - English Composition II •
  • NUTR& 101  (5 Cr) - Human Nutrition
  • PSYC& 100  (5 Cr) - General Psychology ■
  • PSYC& 200  (5 Cr) - Lifespan Psychology

Required Supporting Classes:


A minimum grade of C (2.0) must be achieved in all required prerequisite and supporting courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.5. Students must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 (C) grade point in each nursing course throughout the program. All supportive coursework must be successfully completed prior to entry into the fifth quarter of the Nursing program.  Please note that any Nursing prerequisite course taken at another institution must have a letter grade. Pass/Fail grades may not be accepted.

Application and Admission

Application Process

The most current information about the Nursing program is available on the college website at www.yvcc.edu/Nursing. Students must be accepted for general admission to the college before the application to the Nursing program will be considered. When notice is received of acceptance into the college, it does not mean the student has been accepted into the Nursing program. A separate acceptance letter will be received from the Nursing department.


Two official transcripts of all courses taken at other colleges must be submitted to the college. One set must be sent to the Nursing program and one to the Admissions Office. The applicant is solely responsible for obtaining transcripts for YVC files. No application will be reviewed until all transcripts have been supplied and evaluated. Please allow 4 weeks for official transcript evaluation.

Application Deadlines

It is the student’s responsibility to verify that all records including name, address, telephone, and e-mail contact information have been received in the Nursing department prior to the deadline date for application evaluation. Application deadline information is available at www.yvcc.edu/Nursing

Admissions Criteria

Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 (C+) in all required or supportive coursework. In addition, any grade below C (2.0) will not be accepted in any course taken. The Nursing program prioritizes students for admission when there are more students than spaces available. Information regarding prioritization is available on the Nursing website www.yvcc.edu/Nursing

Transfer of Nursing Coursework

Acceptance of nursing coursework taken in another Nursing program is done on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Nursing program directly at 509-574-4902 for more information.

Students applying to the Nursing program who have previously taken any coursework in another Nursing program must supply transcripts and any other program performance indicators as requested before the application can be considered.

Based on the information obtained, a student may be admitted, admitted with conditions, or denied admission. In addition, a letter from the director of the previous Nursing program stating that the student left the program in good standing must be provided from that program’s Nursing director. This documentation must be mailed directly to the YVC Nursing program from the previous program. Students who fail to disclose attendance and/or unsatisfactory work in another Nursing program may be subject to immediate dismissal from the YVC Nursing program if the information becomes available while they are enrolled.

Additional Requirements

Immunizations and CPR

Students are required to complete their CPR certification and immunizations prior to program entry. Please refer to the Nursing web site at www.yvcc.edu/Nursing for the most up to date information regarding immunization and CPR requirements.

Clinical Course Information

Clinical hours are generally scheduled between 6:00 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. Clinical may rotate from day to evening shift. Some nights and weekends may be scheduled in order to gain specific experiences. Students must provide their own transportation. Travel may be required to outlying clinical sites. Students must abide by the policies stated in the Nursing Student Handbook related to matters of academic standards, integrity, attendance, behavior, and dress as it pertains to clinical rotations.

Background Check Information

Criminal history background information and drug screening is required of students applying to the Nursing program. Information obtained from the background check and/or drug screen will be considered in determining student eligibility to enter the program and/or complete clinical courses. Inability to participate in clinical experiences due to information obtained from the criminal history background check and/or drug screen may result in the student’s inability to satisfactorily complete program degree requirements. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Nursing Program Coordinator who can be reached at 509-574-4909.

Additional Course Requirements

All supportive courses must be completed prior to entry to the fifth quarter of the Nursing program (NRSE 220/221).

Anticipated Program Changes

It is anticipated that during the 2016-2017 academic year, the Nursing program will begin a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) with one or more universities in Washington State. Please refer to the program’s website www.yvcc.edu/Nursing for the most current information regarding potential changes in program requirements.