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Yakima Valley College Catalog 2022-2023 
Yakima Valley College Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


New students working toward a degree or certificate are given a date for orientation and registration after completing the college admission placement testing process. When students are placed in courses which reflect their academic skill level, they are more likely to succeed in college. Students may be required to register for a specific set of classes based upon placement results and intended degree or certificate. Students receive notice of specific dates on which they may register prior to the start of the quarter for which they applied. All student registrants must pay tuition and fees in accordance with published tuition deadlines.

During the regular academic year, all students are given an opportunity to confer with their advisors, plan their programs for the upcoming quarter, and register in advance. This usually occurs during the eighth or ninth week of the quarter, with tuition and fees due on a specified date prior to the beginning of classes.

How to Register


YVC offers many on-campus evening opportunities for classes, activities, and services to persons who may not be able to pursue day studies. Registration for these classes, activities, or services is conducted by mail, on the web, or in person during assigned registration dates. Registration dates are listed in the important dates. Late registration is discouraged and an instructor signature is required to add a class once the quarter has started. The Registration & Records Office will be open until 6:00pm on the first two nights of the quarter to accommodate evening students. Full payment must accompany all registrations.


There are no applications or appointments needed for summer quarter. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Summer quarter attendance does not ensure admittance to fall quarter.


All full-time and part-time students who have attended YVC within the last year may register for classes by using the YVC website. (Go to www.YVCC.edu, click “Student Portal,” then “Registration”, then “Add or Drop, Register classes.”)

Students may use a home computer to access the YVC website. Access to the YVC website is also available in designated computer labs on campus and at kiosks on the Grandview and Yakima campuses.

The Student Portal allows students to conduct business concerning registration, schedule changes, viewing the class schedule, grades, financial aid, admission application status, and registration appointments.

Academic Blocks

Students placed on academic suspension/dismissal or who have outstanding debts to the college, e.g., library fines, dormitory charges, or instructional materials due, will not be allowed to register or add/drop until these have been cleared. Nor will official transcripts or diplomas be released until debts are cleared. The Registration and Records Office requires 24 hours to process the release of a block on student records.

Changes to Registration


Beginning on the first day of the quarter, students must obtain permission from the instructor (the instructor’s signature) to add a class. Students may add or change enrollment sections during the first five days of the quarter; however, permission of the instructor is also required.

For the first five days of the quarter, students may drop classes from their schedules from the YVC website or in person. After the first five days, students may only drop classes in person. Courses dropped through the 10th day of classes do not appear on the transcript.

Courses dropped from the eleventh day to three weeks prior to finals (seventh week of the quarter) will appear on the student’s transcript as a “W”. Students who stop attending classes without officially dropping may receive an “F” or a “V” grade at the discretion of the instructor.

Classes concentrated within shorter than ten-week sessions are given deadlines proportionate to the standard length of a quarter. For summer quarter deadlines, consult the class schedule for specific dates. Schedule changes are the responsibility of the student. Failure to change enrollment or withdraw officially constitutes sufficient cause to receive whatever grade the instructor deems appropriate.

Withdrawal from College

All students wishing to withdraw from college (drop all courses) during the first five days of the quarter may do so by using the YVC website or by completing an add/drop/withdrawal form which they must take to the Registration and Records Office for processing. Students who stop attending classes without officially withdrawing may receive an “F” or a “V” grade on their transcripts. For official withdrawals completed during days one through ten, no record will appear on the transcript.

The last day for withdrawal from college is the same as that for dropping a course: three weeks prior to the beginning of final exams or as specified for summer quarter or shorter sessions. Withdrawals processed during this period result in “W” grades being entered on the permanent transcript. For additional information, please contact the Registration and Records Office.

Students must not assume they will be dropped from a class if they stop attending or fail to pay tuition. Failure to drop a class may result in an “F” grade.


When a class has reached maximum enrollment limit, students may place themselves on a waitlist for the class. This won’t guarantee a spot, but if one becomes open the first person on the waitlist will be automatically registered into classes according to their placement on the waitlist. On the Sunday before the quarter begins, the automatic registration of students on the waitlist will stop. Once the waitlist is no longer active, students must attend the first day of class and the faculty member will decide whether or not to sign in students regardless of their status on the waitlist.

Placing yourself on a waitlist does not count as registered credit. Students receiving funding based on a specific number of credits must pay their tuition to meet their funding requirements or they will be dropped from their classes.

Due to high enrollment, students cannot register and/or be waitlisted for different sections of the same course in the same quarter. Students are also not permitted to be on more than four waitlists. The Registration Office edits for these occurrences and will drop students from the second class and/or waitlist selection.

Helpful Hints

  • Use the Student Portal at www.YVCC.edu to check your waitlist status. Remove yourself from waitlists online or with registration staff from Yakima/Grandview campuses.
  • Remove yourself from classes you no longer want on the waitlist otherwise you may be automatically enrolled.
  • Check the status of your waitlist position daily.
  • Place yourself on a maximum of four waitlists, don’t register for one section and add yourself to a different section of the same class.
  • If you seek a signature to enroll, you must be in the class the first day it meets. There is no guarantee the instructor will sign you into the class.