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Yakima Valley College Catalog 2020-2021 
Yakima Valley College Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Ways to Get Involved


YVC has successfully competed in intercollegiate athletics since 1928. YVC has traditionally offered a comprehensive athletic program to accommodate the special interests and talents of students. Women’s and men’s sports programs, providing competitive athletic experiences to coincide with the student’s academic experiences, are a high goal at YVC.

The Yaks have captured conference team titles in as many as three sports in one year. We are proud of the number of athletes who have gone on to successful careers at four-year schools and to professional sports.

YVC is a member of the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC). Intercollegiate athletic programs are offered in baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, softball, volleyball and women’s soccer. Competition primarily comes from schools in Washington and Oregon.

Child Care Services

Jane’s House Early Learning Center is located at 1101 South 13th Avenue, Yakima, WA. Jane’s House serves students, YVC employees, and community members from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

The Early Learning Center is an inclusive child development center for children of all abilities, run by Easter Seals Washington. The center offers much more than high quality childcare. Certified preschool teachers offer a carefully planned educational experience designed to meet the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of young children.

All students receive a reduced student rate. Bilingual staff members are available, and the center is ADA-accessible.

Please call the phone number listed in the directory or email mgunderson@wa.Easterseals.com for information.

Larson Gallery - Art

The Larson Gallery opened in September 1949 as a gift from Adelbert and Rose Larson to the community and Yakima Valley Junior College (now YVC). John D. Maloney was the architect, as he had designed the Art Deco Larson Building in downtown Yakima. Many of the original elements of the Larson Gallery building are intact.

Today the Larson Gallery continues as a unique and dynamic space featuring local, regional, and national artists. The gallery works in partnership with the Larson Gallery Guild and YVC to bring exciting and innovative exhibits and programs to Yakima. Annual and biennial exhibits include the Central Washington Artists’ Exhibition and the National Juried Photo Exhibition.

Larson Gallery exhibitions are augmented by educational activities, lectures, workshops, and tours. The mission of the gallery is to inspire students, artists, and the community, and to complement YVC classes and activities. The gallery furthers cultural enrichment for the Yakima Valley by connecting with other entities such as The Seasons and the Yakima Valley Museum.

Admission to the Larson Gallery is free to the public. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 to 5:00 pm, and Saturday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm during exhibitions. For more information, visit www.LarsonGallery.org or call 509.574.4875.

Musical Performing Ensembles

Performing ensembles are viewed as an essential part of college offerings. The Department of Music features both vocal and instrumental groups which perform throughout the academic year. The Concert Choir and the Chamber Singers perform on campus and on tours. The YVC Salsa Band and jazz combos participate in regional festivals and perform throughout the community and state and occasionally tour outside the United States. The music department offers courses that focus on computer technology for composing and recording original music.

Student Life

Students at YVC benefit from much more than classroom learning through the various programs and activities that offer opportunities for active participation or passive enjoyment. The Student Life Office works with students in providing films, speakers, exhibits, debates, recreational activities, dances, concerts, forums, open microphones, club days, cultural events, and other events. These programs and activities attempt to supplement and enhance the curriculum at the college.

Clubs and Student Organizations

YVC has many student clubs and organizations that are an important supplement to academic experiences. Clubs address special student interests, providing community service opportunities throughout YVC and the Yakima Valley. Students are also encouraged to form new clubs if current clubs do not meet the needs of a particular interest. Contact the Student Life Office about the procedures to form a new club.

Student Government

YVC offers opportunities for students to get involved in student government at both the Yakima and Grandview campuses.

Associate Students of YVC
Student Life seeks interested students to become a part of the Associated Students of YVC (ASYVC) community. The ASYVC Senate, which is composed of a student representative from each recognized club and program, speaks on behalf of students regarding campus policies and procedures. The ASYVC Student Government has eight officer positions paid by the Associated Students of YVC. Three are elected, and five are hired. The ASYVC Student Government coordinates programs and activities and facilitates disbursement of student funds, which exceed $500,000 annually. The ASYVC Student Government represents YVC students on state and national levels and teaches leadership, management, and planning skills.

Grandview Student Council
Student Life at the YVC Grandview Campus seeks interested students to become part of the Grandview Student Council (GSC) while attending YVC’s branch campus. Grandview Student Council has five positions paid by the Associated Students of YVC; two are elected and three are hired. Student government provides activities and events to enhance students’ lives while attending YVC, learn leadership and organizational skills, and represent YVC Grandview Campus students at various local, regional, and state levels.

Student Residence Center/ Housing

Most college students find that the positive experience of learning to live with others enriches their lives. YVC’s residence hall experience can prove to be as valuable as your academic experience.

The Student Residence Center (SRC) provides a safe living community for students at a competitive price. The residence hall is located on the Yakima campus and is within a short walking distance to classes, the library, and other campus and recreational facilities.

Wellness and Recreation

Students, faculty, and staff have access to the fitness center, weight room, and gymnasium in Sherar Gymnasium for recreational and leisure time activity. Locker Rooms with lockers are available, an exercise dress code is enforced, and participants have access to professional staff in the development of a personal fitness/wellness program.

A membership contract is required for any student, faculty or staff member that uses the fitness center. This contract includes a medical history portion that may require a doctor’s clearance to use the fitness center.

Each person using the fitness center and weight room must register for a credit or noncredit class and pay a quarterly lab fee. The money generated with this fee is used to maintain current equipment, to purchase new equiment, and for staffing. Grading for credit classes is based on the total hours of excercise time accumulated during the quarter. Optional written assignments for extra credit are available, pending instructor approval.

Our recently renovated Fitness Center includes equipment for all activity levels. There is a turf area for functional exercise with weighted bags, TRX bands and much more. There is a state-of-the-art cardiovascular area with treadmills, upright, spin, and recumbent bikes, elliptical, stepmill, and rowing and a Jacob’s ladder.

The weight room feature free weights and contains a variety of equipment including barbells, sets of dumbbells and kettlebells, squat racks, bench press stations, and a Smith machine. In addition, universal equipment features cable cross over, and a variety of selected equpiment.

The YVC fitness center is open during fall, winter, and spring quarters. Hours are posted outside the fitness center. For more information, contact the fitness center coordinator or the athletic director.

YVC Playmasters - Drama

YVC Playmasters produces two or three full-length productions each year. Additionally, Playmasters supports the development and implementation of student-created theatre pieces; provides internship opportunities for qualified students in areas such as directing, playwriting, and stage management; participates in a range of community outreach efforts; and supports the work of visiting theatre artists. YVC Playmasters is an active member of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Northwest Drama Conference and is affiliated with the American Theatre Association.