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Yakima Valley College Catalog 2017-2018 
Yakima Valley College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Ways To Earn Credit

YVC recognizes that our adult learners come to us with a variety of learning experience that may not have come from a traditional classroom. You may be able to earn college credit for what you have already learned. This may accelerate your pace toward meeting your educational goals. You can earn credit by taking a national exam, transferring industry training, transferring military training, or through a course challenge. To learn more, visit: www.YVCC.edu/GetCredit

Credit by Testing

  • What: YVC awards credit through Credit by Testing through Advance Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Examinations Program (CLEP), and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST). Check the website for the most updated courses and scores *Information published is subject to change.
  • Cost: Test fees vary based on individual testing organizations.
  • How: AP and IB tests are completed while in High School - submit official scores to Registration. CLEP and DSST can be taken through many testing centers including YVC’s Testing Center. To schedule a CLEP or DSST test, call the YVC Testing Center at 509.574.4971 - submit official scores to Registration.
  • Limitations: You must successfully complete one quarter at YVC before credit through Credit by Testing will be added to your transcript. Only S grades will be given through Credit by Testing. Consult with your advisor before pursuing credit through Credit by Testing.

Extra-Institutional Learning

  • What: Knowledge and skills acquired outside the institution and objectively verified through third-party certifications, workforce, industry and military trainings.
  • Cost: $0 per credit for military training and $10 per credit for all other trainings.
  • How: Military training will be assessed upon evaluation of an official Joint Services Transcript. For all other courses, meet with designated faculty to determine qualification, pay fees at Cashier and submit the non-traditional learning credit petition form to registration.
  • Limitations: Most credit through Extra-Institutional Learning will be awarded an S grade. Consult with your advisor before pursuing credit through Extra-Institutional Learning.

Course Challenge

  • What: YVC has multiple courses available for Course Challenge. If students have mastery of the course objective and outcomes they may opt to apply for a Course Challenge.
  • Cost: $25 per credit
  • How: Meet with designated faculty to determine qualification and arrange the Course Challenge, pay fees at Cashier and submit the non-traditional learning credit petition form to registration.
  • Limitations: Although many courses may award letter grades, some credit through Course Challenge may be awarded as an S grade. Consult with your advisor before pursuing credit through Course Challenge.

Associate in Technology - Servicemen’s Opportunity College

YVC is one of more than 400 institutions that make up the network of Servicemen’s Opportunity College (SOC). The SOCAD program at YVC enables a service person stationed virtually anywhere in the United States and at many posts overseas to take college-level courses and progress steadily toward a degree. Active-duty personnel are able to make full use of their military education and experiences in planning their academic and professional careers.

The Associate in Technology degree is designed exclusively for military participants. It assists senior, professional, military personnel in achieving promotional points and early retirement. SOCAD is a two-year program (90 quarter hours required) that enables warrant officers and noncommissioned officers to earn credit largely from military experiences.

A minimum of four college classes (18 quarter hours of credit total) may be all that is required for completion by warrant officers and senior noncommissioned officers. The balance of 72 quarter hours of credit may be granted from MOS (Mode of Service) experience, service schools, prior college courses, or other YVC courses (18 credits minimum required at YVC).

This degree is not designed as a college academic transfer degree. Military personnel interested in a college transfer degree may contact the Counseling Center at YVC for further information.

YVC Courses Required

Tech Prep

YVC and the Yakima Valley Tech Prep consortium are pleased to offer direct transcription. We are one of 28 community and technical colleges across the state that has entered into this arrangement with local high schools.

Tech Prep students remain enrolled in their high school. When enrolled in a Tech Prep articulated class, students in the class meet the same requirements as students who take the class at the college. At the end of the course, the high school teacher notifies the Tech Prep coordinator at the college of all students who passed the class with a grade of B or higher. Credit is not available to students who earn below a B.

In order to receive direct transcription credit for Tech Prep coursework, students must submit a registration form for the classes they have successfully completed. There is no charge for direct transcription credits.

For more information, including a current list of articulated classes, please call the Tech Prep coordinator at the phone number listed in the directory.