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Yakima Valley College Catalog 2018-2019 
Yakima Valley College Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Applied Science Teacher Education

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The program in elementary education provides pathways for individuals with 90 or more college-level credits from a regionally accredited college.  The program aspires to remove barriers and create pathways to teacher certification that systematically build upon the candidates’ previous educational background and past professional experience.  The Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education degree program targets place-bound working adults and responds to the specific needs of the school districts within the boundaries of YVC’s service district.  YVC’s program will prepare teacher candidates with content and subject knowledge required in PreK-8 classrooms, while integrating an in-depth residency experience.

YVC’s Teacher Education Program has been approved by the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) and the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) to offer both traditional and alternative routes to teaching.

Alternative route programs are designed for career changers and for individuals already working in the school system who want to transition to full-time teaching.  Compared to traditional educator preparation programs, alternative routes are efficient, convenient, affordable and experientially oriented.  The YVC BAS-TE Program is approved to offer Alternative route 1 - designed for employed classified instructional employees with transferable associate degrees.

For more information on Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification, please see PESB website at:  http://www.pesb.wa.gov/workforce-development/growing-future-educators/alternative-routes-to-teacher-certification/.  

Program Outcomes

Our Student Learning Outcomes are aligned with the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) Residency Teacher Standards and Competencies, the Northwest commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) Accreditation Standards, and Yakima Valley College’s Core Mission and Themes.  Upon completion of the program candidates will earn an Applied Baccalaureate of Science Degree in Teacher Education and be eligible for a Residency teacher certificate with an endorsement in K-8 Elementary Education and endorsement options in Early Childhood Education and/or English Learner.

Degree and Residency Certification

Completion of the program will result in the award of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education.

Successful completion of all program requirements including passing state assessments required for Teacher Certification, the WEST-B, WEST-E/NES and edTPA will position the candidate for recommendation for a Washington State Residency Certificate in PreK-8 Elementary Education with endorsements in Elementary Education (K-8), Early Childhood Education (P-3) and/or English Language Learners (K-12).


The YVC BAS-TE program provides candidates with strong support and flexible pathways to remove barriers to complete a teacher preparation program.  The BAS-TE program staff can work with each candidate to create a meaningful experience for the success in work and life.


Admission to the BAS-TE is a selective process and application processes are identified on the BAS-TE website: http://www. yvcc.edu/academics/baste/.


Prerequisite Requirements

Students are eligible to apply if they have completed: 

It does not have to have completed an AA-DTA, AAS, or AAS-T to apply for admission to the Teacher Education program.  However, this is a competitive application process.  These courses are not required for admissions, but they are highly recommended to succeed on WEST-B, course work throughout the program, and certification assessments (exit testing):

  • Quantitative or computational MATH above 100 (or designated “Group B-Q” on YVC DTA) completed with grade of C or higher
  • ENGL& 101 (or English composition course) completed with grade of C or higher

Course Schedule and Program Registration

Students must attend a mandatory Program Orientation during the summer quarter prior to first quarter of BASED course work.  This orientation will focus on general information about Residency placement, BAS-TE Student Policies and Procedures, expectations and Finger Printing.

Course Registration will be completed through the Teacher Education Program Coordinator.  Communication on student registration responsibilities will be communicated during campus-wide quarter registration.  All candidates must follow the Important Dates guidelines and deadlines issued through the YVC Registration office.

The general education courses will include courses earned at either/both the associate degree and/or applied bachelor’s degree level, based on the total required 180 quarter hours of credit.  

At least 60 quarter hours of general education courses will be required, to include the following distribution areas:

  1. Basic Requirements

a.  Communication Skills (10 credits)

Must include at least two communication courses to include a minimum of one English composition course; e.g. ENGL& 101.  Remaining credits may be an additional composition course or designated writing-intensive courses or courses in basic speaking skills (e.g. speech, rhetoric, or debate).

b.  Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning Skills (5 credits)

Must be achieved through one of the following college-level courses:  symbolic reasoning or a quantitative reasoning course in computer science, statistics, or mathematics.

  2.  Distribution requirements

a.  Humanities (10 credits)

b.  Social Sciences (10 credits)

c.  Natural Sciences (10 Credits): 

At least 5 credits in physical, biological and/or earth sciences.  Shall include at least one laboratory course.

  3.  Additional general education courses (15 credits) from distribution list.

BAS-TE Course Requirement:  combined with the general education courses, the following Teacher Education core courses and residency courses are required.

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